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    Food Service Data Management Cloud

    Food Service Data Management Cloud

    The Food Service Data Management Cloud from Dixell is the cloud solution for hotel, restaurant, catering, ice cream & bakery, petrol stations, organic food shops and food retail. The Food Service Data Management Cloud, which includes both the WLAN gateway and the portal, was specially developed for monitoring in the food trade and is suitable for many areas of application such as hotels, restaurants, catering, bakeries, butchers, petrol stations, organic food shops, etc.. This solution includes all important functions. Data acquisition and storage in accordance with HACCP is implemented, as is comprehensive alarm management. The connected controllers can be operated and configured remotely via the portal. The Food Service Data Management Cloud works with a WLAN gateway (IoT gateway), which connects the connected Dixell controllers to the portal. Commissioning and configuration of the system is very simple and does not require extensive specialist knowledge. Compatible controllers connected to the IoT gateway are automatically recognised and added to the system. All relevant operating data are immediately displayed in the portal. The complete solution consists of the IoT Gateway, the Cloud Portal and the Dixell controllers installed on site. A version for up to 3 controllers and another version for up to 5 controllers are available. All advantages at a glance:

    • Your operational data online in less than 10 minutes
    • The connected controllers are automatically recognised by the IoT Gateway and added to the portal. Immediately, your operating data is available in the portal and you can access it – no matter where you are.
    • Quickly and intuitively set up the user account and assign the IoT Gateway to this account – in a few simple steps.
    • Simple WLAN integration of the IoT Gateway into the existing network
    • The so-called “Zero Touch Configuration” enables Dixell controllers connected to the IoT Gateway to be automatically recognised and added in the portal
    • Quick and easy access to all relevant information about the connected controllers. It is also possible to configure these controllers remotely and view or change the parameter settings
    • The portal enables the display of temperature curves of the connected controllers as a graphic. In addition to the relevant sensors, an interval of a few hours up to 3 months can also be selected. In addition, digital signals (e.g. door contact) can also be displayed and shown in a graphic together with the temperatures for comparisons.
    • The Food Service Data Management Cloud allows the storage of historical operational data of all connected equipment for a period of one year (e.g. temperatures and alarms), thus fulfilling all requirements of standards such as HACCP. During the entire licensing period, this data can be exported to various formats (e.g. Excel).
    • The portal has a convenient user management system. This means that several users can be created who have different rights. Example: the administrator can read / edit the parameters of the connected controllers while the operator does not have this authorisation.
    • The portal’s innovative user interface is suitable for display in all common end devices – whether PC, notebook, tablet or mobile phone. The system does not require any software installation and only needs a standard browser to operate.