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    HACCP and monitoring systems for all refrigeration applications

    HACCP and monitoring systems for all refrigeration applications

    XWEB PRO represents the further development of the highly successful XWEB EVO series. The latest XWEB PRO monitoring systems are suitable for a wide range of applications, such as supermarkets, petrol stations, butchers, bakeries, etc. All XWEB PRO models feature newly developed, very powerful hardware.

    The software of XWEB PRO has the same interface as that of XWEB EVO, which makes the changeover very easy. WEB EVO backups can also be uploaded to XWEB PRO. In addition to all the familiar functions of the XWEB EVO family, the devices of the XWEB PRO family are characterised by a new powerful hardware platform as well as numerous new features. The proven functions and performance have been expanded. Faster navigation in the application is now possible, as is the rapid creation of graphics or reports. By means of polling management, particularly fast-changing refrigeration system data such as pressure or superheat can now be recorded with shorter sampling rates. This is an innovation that can come into its own during commissioning or troubleshooting, for example. Another plus is the extended alarm management with detailed documentation before, during and after an event. The XWEB 1000D model has been added to the series. Equipped with 3 RJ45 connections, simultaneous access from several networks is possible. This simplifies complexity and reduces IT costs. When designing the new models, attention was paid to even simpler bus cabling and increased operational reliability. This means that in the event of a fault, sections that are still functioning can continue to communicate with each other without errors. Tried and tested thousands of times, XWEB monitoring systems are used today for industrial and commercial cooling in petrol station shops, restaurants, butchers, bakeries and even supermarkets with several hundred cooling points.